Conservatives to scrap BBC Trust

The Conservatives are considering the creation of a new "licence fee payers' trust" in place of the

A party spokesman reportedly said that they have been looking at scrapping the BBC Trust, as its dual role of regulator and champion of the BBC, are incompatible. He added that they are exploring ways to achieve this within the current charter agreement.

The move could force the departure of the Trust's chairman Sir Michael Lyons before April 2011, when his tenure ends.

A new non-executive chairman position would be created to aid Mark Thompson, the BBC's director general. This was hinted by the Tory shadow culture secretary, Jeremy Hunt, in November. He reportedly said that the BBC Trust has failied in running the BBC, or advising it in times of need.

But the Tories ruled out any changes to the BBC charter, which is due to expire in 2016.

The Policy Exchange also recommended replacing the BBC trust with a new Public Service Content trust.