Paperback reader
By Jason Cowley - 04 June 13:00

Diary of a Man in Despair

Friedrich Reck-Malleczewen <em>Duckback, 249pp, £6.99</em>

ISBN 071563

Counting the cliches
By Julian Loose - 04 June 13:00

Sputnik Sweetheart

Haruki Murakami<em> Harvill Press, 229pp, £12</em>

ISBN 186046825X

Novel of the week
By Vicky Hutchings - 04 June 13:00

Broken Bodies

Sally Emerson <em>Little, Brown, 293pp, £15.99</em>

ISBN 0316854832

Commentary - Sex, power and corruption
By Sebastian Shakespeare - 04 June 13:00

Sebastian Shakespeare selects the best satire on journalism ever written

The whole secret
By Allan Massie - 04 June 13:00

Louis: the life of Robert Louis Stevenson

Philip Callow <em>Constable Robinson, 336pp, £20</em>

Sex and Mexican yams
By Rachel Cooke - 28 May 13:00

Sexual Chemistry: a history of the contraceptive pill

Lara V Marks <em>Yale University Press, 372p

Novel of the week
By Martyn Bedford - 28 May 13:00

The Locust Room

John Burnside <em>Jonathan Cape, 277pp, £10</em>

ISBN 0224052926

Another big idea
By John Lloyd - 28 May 13:00

Bowling Alone

Robert Putnam <em>Simon and Schuster, 541pp, £17.99</em>

ISBN 0684832836

Commentary - The death of the public library
By Christopher Hawtree - 28 May 13:00

There are no votes in books, laments Christopher Hawtreein Brighton

Reading Tony Blair
By Robert Macfarlane - 28 May 13:00

Author Unknown: on the trail of Anonymous

Don Foster <em>Macmillan, 340pp, £14.99</em>

ISBN 0333

Weeping in a Rolls-Royce
By Christopher Gasson - 28 May 13:00

Blood, Sweat and Tears: the evolution of work

Richard Donkin<em> Texere, 400pp, £18.99</em>


Life is elsewhere
By Kathryn Hughes - 28 May 13:00

Beautiful Exile: the life of Martha Gellhorn

Carl Rollyson <em>Aurum Press, 304pp, £18.99</em>


Homage to Catalonia
By Mark Perryman - 28 May 13:00

Morbo: the story of Spanish football

Phil Ball<em> WSC Books, 253pp, £14.99</em>

ISBN 0954013409

Eat yourself fitter
By Jason Cowley - 21 May 13:00

The Great Food Gamble

John Humphrys <em>Hodder & Stoughton, 306pp, 12.99</em>

ISBN 0340770457

Blame game
By Maurice Walsh - 21 May 13:00

The Irish famine: a documentary

Colm Toibin and Diarmaid Ferriter <em>Profile Books, 214pp, £15</e

Novel of the week
By Hugo Barnacle - 21 May 13:00

How to be Good

Nick Hornby <em>Viking, 288pp, £16.99</em>

ISBN 0670888230

Recalled to life
By Vicky Hutchings - 21 May 13:00

Hotel World

Ali Smith<em> Hamish Hamilton, 256pp, £10.99</em>

ISBN 0241141095

Prison literature
By Robert Winder - 21 May 13:00

Kalakuta Republic

Chris Abani <em>Saqi Books, 116pp, £8.95</em>

ISBN 0863563228

Plague studies
By Frank Furedi - 21 May 13:00

In the Wake of the Plague: the Black Death and the world it made

Norman Cantor <em>Simon & Schuste

Apocalypse now
By Robert Winder - 14 May 13:00

A History of Bombing

Sven Lindqvist <em>Granta, 224pp, £14.99</em>

ISBN 1862074151

The lowest politics
By John Lloyd - 14 May 13:00

Just Capital: the liberal economy

Adair Turner <em>Macmillan, 406pp, £20</em>

ISBN 0333900715

Orange-tinted specs
By Jackie Ashley - 14 May 13:00

The Prime Minister's Wife

Susan Crosland <em>Robson Books, 233pp, £16.95</em>

ISBN 186105386X

Novel of the week
By Lisa Allardice - 14 May 13:00

He Kills Coppers

Jake Arnott <em>Sceptre, 327pp, £10</em>

ISBN 0340748796

I spar, you spar
By Dan Hardie - 14 May 13:00

Fight the power

Colin McMillan <em>M Publicity (available on 020 8599 6823), 201pp, £9.99</em>


Hendrix played Ilkley
By Martyn Bedford - 14 May 13:00

On Ilkley Moor: the story of an English town

Tim Binding <em>Picador, 335pp, £16</em>

ISBN 03303