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Web Only: the best of the blogs

The five must-read blogs from today, including the future of western intervention in the Middle East

1. What Europe thinks

Coffee House's Peter Hoskin highlights some of the most striking findings from a new YouGov poll across seven European countries.

2. The London Evening Standard gives up on election journalism

Sunny Hundal fisks the Evening Standard's fact-free story on London Transport and Moody's rating agency.

3. Is Cameron ready to intervene in Syria without the UN on board?

The PM has cited the Kosovo precedent as evidence that the west could intervene in Syria without UN approval, notes the Telegraph's David Hughes.

4. A translation of today's Obama/Cameron Washington Post article

ConservativeHome's Paul Goodman says that today's article marks the coming end of a ten-year cycle marked by military intervention.

5. Events in Afghanistan Could Shape 2012 Race

Over at the New York Times' Caucus blog, Michael Shear notes that dramatic national security moments have the potential to transform the political conversation..

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