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Web Only: the best of the blogs

The five must-read blogs from today, including questions for Boris's deputy on phone hacking.

1. Boris Johnson's deputy interfered with hacking investigation

Sir Paul Stephenson has revealed that Kit Malthouse repeatedly told the police they should scale back their investigation, notes Adam Bienkov at Snipe.

2. The Tory masterplan to win 36 seats from Labour and 14 from the Liberal Democrats

The Tories are targeting 100 seats in total - fifty they already hold and fifty they hope to win, reports ConservativeHome's Tim Montgomerie.

3. There is an answer to the child benefits dilemma. Will ministers take it?

The best option is to roll the child benefit into the new single universal credit, says Kiran Stacey at FT Westminster.

4. How does David Cameron explain to his party that he's accepted a mansion tax?

Introducing a punitive property tax that was designed by Lib Dems will be like an electro-shock to the Tory heart, writes the Telegraph's Benedict Brogan.

5. If Murdoch is considering selling his papers, who would buy them?

At the front of the queue for the Sun would be Richard "Dirty" Desmond, notes Tim Fenton at Liberal Conspiracy.

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