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Web Only: the best of the blogs

The five must-read pieces from today, including

1. The strange survival of Labour England

Talk to any Tory, and it's hard to find any who thinks the 2015 election is in the bag, says Fraser Nelson at Coffee House.

2. UK's unemployment record looking less impressive

While other countries are reducing unemployment, Britain's dole queues are lengthening, notes Richard Exell at the Touchstone blog.

3. If Chris Huhne goes to prison the Coalition will suffer

If found guilty Huhne will have caused the coalition more trouble than all the political trickery his colleagues suspect him of, says the Telegraph's Benedict Brogan.

4. In defence of social democracy

Responding to David Miliband's New Statesman essay, Kevin Hickson argues that traditional Labour values are now more relevant than Blairism.

5. Paddy Ashdown's eight steps to winning a Parliamentary constituency

Mark Pack says Paddy Ashdown's 1976 guide to getting elected has stood the test of time.