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Video: Bristol bus driver uses "vehicle as weapon"

Shocking video shows bus driver swerving to knock cyclist off his bike.



A bus driver who deliberately knocked a cyclist off his bike in Bristol has been jailed for 17 months. Gavin Hill, 29, pleaded guilty at Bristol Crown Court to dangerous driving and causing grevious bodily harm.

The court heard that Hill had driven too close to Philip Mead, 43, off his bike near St James Barton roundabout in Bristol. As the bus stopped, Mead parked his bike against the front of the bus and had a heated argument with Hill. As Mead cycled off, the bus driver tried to overtake him, before swerving to the left to knock the cyclist off the road. The incident left him with a broken leg and fractured wrist and crushed his bike.

Judge Mark Horton said that the collision was "not an accident".

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