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The five must-read blogs from today, including why hospitals could start charging for "hotel charges

1. Health bill could herald a new wave of hospital charges

In the future, hospitals could decide that they will not pay for "hotel charges", warns Richard Blogger at False Economy.

2. The new politics of leaning on business

Coffee House's Peter Hoskin looks at the trend of politicians "leaning" on businesses, rather than legislating against them.

3. European socialists call for regulation of the ratings agencies

The Party of European Socialists has hit out at the power of credit ratings agencies following Standard & Poor's downgrades, says Alex Hern at Left Foot Forward.

4. Coalition deal on Boris Island Airport threatened by Nick Clegg flip-flop

A private spat has escalated into a public one, says the Telegraph's Benedict Brogan.

5. Does the national party want your CLP office? Sort of...

Mark Ferguson investigates the claim that Labour is forcing local parties to hand over their headquarters buildings.

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