Pick of the Week

A selection of posts made on newstatesman.com this week.

Mehdi Hasan exposes Labour's framing failures, and blogs on Islamophobia and the Leveson inquiry.

George Eaton explains why the UK's £1 trillion debt is no cause for panic, and sees Ed Miliband raise his game at PMQs.

Samira Shackle says Stephen Hester's £963,000 bonus is a distraction, and explains why the benefit cap is unfair.

Helen Lewis looks at media sexism and the Leveson inquiry.

Jonathan Derbyshire marks the arrival of Le Huff Po.

Laurie Penny says British journalists are taught to be dishonest.

Gavin Kelly explains why all three party leaders may want to avoid the subject of living standards in 2015.

Nelson Jones assesses Egypt's conservative revolution, and asks if there is a religion for atheists.

Steve Baxter argues that Leveson is right to allow anonymous witnesses, and says no politician really knows what to do about "the squeezed middle".

And Gina Allum asks if there is any stopping Downton Abbey.

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