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Ed Miliband's home for recycled jokes

The Labour leader practises gag austerity.

Ed Miliband continued his fightback on BBC1's Andrew Marr show this morning, talking about the challenges of leading the Opposition and his lack of worry about his troublesome poll ratings.

He also, rather cheekily, smuggled in a pre-cooked gag about his former guru Maurice Glasman, who wrote a much-discussed piece for the New Statesman arguing that Labour appeared to be lacking "strategy" and "narrative".

Talking to Marr, he said: "I'd like an elected House of Lords, after Lord Glasman".

But as Paul Waugh revealed on Politics Home, that was one of the jokes prepared for the Labour leader in case the piece came up at PMQs. As it was, Miliband and Cameron were too busy scrapping about rail fares to get to Glasman's comments.

Personally, I prefer Ed's other ready-made joke, referring which was that Glasman has "been demoted, he doesn't do my tweets any more".