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Web Only: best of the blogs

The five must-read blogs from today, including whether we should cap bosses' pay.

1. Should we cap bosses' pay?

Stumbling and Mumbling's Chris Dillow argues that that high CEO pay is not the disease, but the symptom of excessive executive power.

2. Is there a solution to the Coalition's NHS problem?

David Cameron should use his next reshuffle to move Andew Lansley and appoint a new Health Secretary, says ConservativeHome's Tim Montgomerie.

3. How do you solve a problem like Newt?

Newt is doing well amongst Republican voters, but the party's top command know that the general public do not feel the same way, says Ian Leslie.

4. Boris finally admits: knife crime is up and I cut 1,700 police officers

Political Scrapbook notes that the Mayor of London has conceded that police numbers in London have decreased.

5. Your LDV guide to rebel Liberal Democrat Peers

Over at Liberal Democrat Voice, Mark Valladares lists the Lib Dem peers most likely to rebel.

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