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Web Only: best of the blogs

The five must-read blogs from today, including a Miliband re-launch that might have worked.

1. A Miliband re-launch that might have worked

The Labour leader should have travelled to Edinburgh to make a major speech on saving the Union, says Iain Martin.

2. Five reasons Clegg can't stand on his social mobility record

Tuition fees, Sure Start cuts and other regressive policies mean Clegg can't lecture anyone on social mobility, argues Alex Hern at Left Foot Forward.

3. 'What currency will an independent Scotland have?' - and other tough questions for Salmond

FT Westminster's Kiran Stacey outlines the debate about what independence actually means.

4. General Election: What the new boundaries do to the targets

Even after the boundary changes, Labour can still come top with fewer votes, says Mike Smithson at Political Betting.

5. More Mili-woe

Miliband's personal ratings have slumped to new lows, reports Jonathan Jones at Coffee House.

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