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Web Only: best of the blogs

The five must-read posts from today, including the debt crisis that never was.

1. It's not a debt crisis

What we have is not a government debt crisis at all, but a crisis of risk-bearing, says Chris Dillow at Stumbling & Mumbling.

2. Boosted IMF riding to the rescue?

Gary Gibbon discusses the possibility of an IMF with boosted resources, currently being explored at the G20.

3. Why Cain will be damaged by the harassment allegations

Over at Marbury, Ian Leslie points out that the only reason to vote for Herman Cain was that he is likeable and unpolitician-like.

4. Police apply for ASBO to ban EDL leader from attending marches

Political Scrapbook notes that the police are trying to prevent Tommy Robinson from attending EDL marches.

5. Poll: LAB voters would prefer being in opposition to a coalition

Mike Smithson notes that Labour voters are not keen on the idea of going into a coalition after the next election.

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