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Friday caption competition

The battle for the NHS.

NHS, NHS, NHS. You'd be forgiven for thinking that the government does little else, for all the attention it's been getting. If it isn't Andrew Lansley throwing a hissy fit ("back me or sack me," he is said to have told the PM), it's Nick Clegg speaking out of turn or David Cameron mouthing bitchy comments about Lansley. It's like a soap opera without the sex and murder.

Here are the three musketeers at a hospital in Frimley, England, which they visited as part of their "listening exercise".

What are they saying? Answers below please.


Last week's caption competition, "When David met Barack", is here.

The winner:

Gerry Tierney: For the last time; no, it isn't paint.

Runners up:

RayMan: Do you tango?

ang: Obama: 'If you try to high-five me one more time, I swear, I'll kill you!'