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In this week's New Statesman: Afghanistan special

Robert Winston: "Cameron doesn't get the NHS" | Evgeny Lebedev interview | Stefan Collini on the thr


This week's New Statesman is a special issue on Afghanistan in which we pose the question: "How many more will die for a mistake?" Inside, Mehdi Hasan laments the futile loss of young soliders' lives and Michael Semple, who worked for the UN on the ground, exposes a decade of mistakes.

Elsewhere, Rafael Behr explains why no party can afford to ignore the "sandwich generation", Alice Miles argues that teachers should strike about more than pensions, David Blanchflower analyses more bad news from the high street, and Laurie Penny says there's more to the Facebook generation than the odd poke.

Also this week, Sophie Elmhirst interviews Evgeny Lebedev, the owner of the London Evening Standard and the Independent, and talks to Robert Winston, the Labour peer and IVF pioneer, Roy Starrs reflects on Japan's self-discipline in the wake of disaster, and

All this, plus Stefan Collini on the threat to higher education, Daniel Swift on what Catch-22 can tell us about modern warfare, and Will Self on why Captain Birdseye is his slightly fishy culinary hero.

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