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The five must-read posts from today, including the missing news from Africa, Labour’s NHS silence an

1. The history we're missing: stories from Africa

Lindsey Hilsum highlights three stories from Africa that have gone nearly unnoticed by the international media.

2. What does a pro-poor school admissions system look like?

At the Telegraph, Julian Astle notes that there are big differences between KIPP schools in the US and academies in the UK.

3. Could the NHS bill end up hurting Labour's prospects?

Liberal Conspiracy's Sunny Hundal says that Labour risks being entirely left out of the debate over the NHS.

4. Times releases OECD transcripts

The OECD tried to distance itself from yesterday's Times article, which indicated that it was having doubts about the government's austerity measures. Mark Ferguson of LabourList shares the transcript of the interview.

5. No touching

Over at Marbury, Ian Leslie shares a picture of Barack Obama showing Dominique Strauss-Kahn where the boundaries lie.

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