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Web Only: the best of the blogs

The five must-read blogs from today, including the book that will infuriate Cameron and Clegg.

1. "After the Coalition": this book will infuriate David Cameron and Nick Clegg

The Telegraph's Will Heaven reports that seven Tory MPs are writing a book – After the Coalition: the Future of Britain and a Renewed Conservative Party.

2. Does right-wing economics operate in a Mirror Universe?

At Liberal Conspiracy, Duncan Weldon exposes the bizarre logic of neoliberal economics.

3. Liberal Democrat leader in Liverpool quits amid election fraud inquiry

Political Scrapbook reports that Warren Bradley, a notable critic of Clegg's, has resigned as Liberal Democrat group leader amid allegations of electoral fraud.

4. The Lib Dems are implementing our core agenda in government

Over at Liberal Democrat Voice, Jeremy Browne MP lists ten policy areas in which the coalition is meeting Lib Dem priorities.

5. Scottish Lib Dem leader "not particularly comfortable" with ConDem coalition

Left Foot Forward's Ed Jacobs watches Tavish Scott put more clear yellow water between himself and Nick Clegg.

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