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Rove on Hillary: “God bless her for doing it”

George W Bush’s former adviser praises the US secretary of state for her stance on Libya.

Karl Rove is the latest figure from the Bush era to offer some less-than-welcome praise for the Libyan intervention. Speaking to Fox News, the former adviser to President Bush said:

Clinton had a view that action needed to be taken and we needed to work with our allies and take concrete steps to remove Gaddafi from power and constrain his attacks on the small "d" democrats in the east of the country – and God bless her for doing it.

Rove also praised Clinton's willingness to go up against the defence secretary, Robert Gates, and a reluctant president, saying: "We need strong members of the cabinet."

Proof that not all right-wingers share the National Review's dour view of women in power.

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