New Statesman success at Orwell Prize

New Statesman bloggers pick up five nominations for the prestigious blogging prize.

The New Statesman last night received five nominations in the blogging category of the prestigious Orwell Prize. Our resident New Statesman bloggers Laurie Penny, Steven Baxter and Dan Hodges were all nominated, alongside the New Statesman contributors Osama Diab and Sunder Katwala.

The longlist included 22 names in total, selected by Gaby Hinsliff and another New Statesman blogger and former Orwell Prize shortlist nominee, David Allen Green. Other nominees included Andrew Sparrow's politics blog at the Guardian, Graeme Archer from ConservativeHome and Paul Waugh's Waugh Room.

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YOU’RE FIRED at last! Katie Hopkins is sacked by LBC after “final solution” tweet

She may have avoided a firing on The Apprentice, but she couldn't get out of this one.

Remember when Katie Hopkins wasn't a notorious radical hate preacher and was just that mean lady on The Apprentice who resigned from the show?

Well, let's cast our minds back to that time, in the heady days of 2006, when the nation sighed in frustration as the grand high angry bear Alan Sugar was denied his chance to point at her and growl "You're Fired!"

For we have at last been given what we have been waiting for over a decade.

Katie Hopkins has, finally, been fired.

OK, apparently it was mutual. She and the radio station that employs her for realtime weekly bile spews a live show, LBC, have parted ways:

According to the BBC's media editor, there were "cheers and applause" in the LBC newsroom when the decision was announced.

This follows Hopkins tweeting (and then deleting) that there needed to be a "final solution" following the Manchester terrorist attack. It seems LBC has found its own solution to the backlash against Hopkins.

I'm a mole, innit.

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