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Web Only: the best of the blogs

The five must-read blogs from today, including GDP figures, UK Uncut’s international renown and Mand

1. Economic statistic of the week: how the cuts compare

Liberal Democrat Voice's Mark Pack looks at how Labour's planned cuts compare with the coalition's.

2. Gaddafi and the seven sons, blond mercenaries and X

At the Channel 4 World News Blog, Alex Thomson interviews an anonymous source in Libya.

3. UK GDP data still give no reason to panic

The FT's Gavyn Davies says the first quarter of 2011 is still likely to see a strong return to growth.

4. Right-wing nutjob Glenn Beck attacks UK Uncut on Fox News

Political Scrapbook posts a video of the right-winger attacking the anti-cuts group on US TV.

5. Mandelson on Ed Miliband

LabourList features extracts from Peter Mandelson's updated memoir, including his take on Ed Miliband's political outlook ("an egalitarian social liberal").

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