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In this week’s New Statesman: the new Middle East

John Pilger and Olivier Roy on Egypt’s revolt | Stanley Johnson: save our forests | Sadiq Khan on cl


In this week's New Statesman we ask what the tumultuous events in the Middle East mean for the future of the region. In our cover story, Olivier Roy, a leading expert on political Islam, says that one thing is certain: the age of Arab-Muslim exceptionalism is over. Elsewhere, Jon Bernstein explains why Israel is so troubled by events in Egypt.

Also this week, Mehdi Hasan condemns Labour's feeble response to David Cameron's attack on multiculturalism, the NS editor, Jason Cowley, laments the intellectual paucity of the coalition, John Pilger says the Egyptian revolt is coming home and Alice Miles looks at how rising fuel prices are preventing people from working.

All this, plus Stanley Johnson on why the government's forest sell-off will cost us dear, interviews with the shadow cabinet minister Sadiq Khan and TV presenter Lauren Laverne, and Ryan Gilbey on the Coen brothers' new film, True Grit.

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