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Mehdi Hasan takes Melanie Phillips to task and blogs in defence of Baroness Warsi.

Dan Hodges profiles Ed Miliband's new cyber-spinner.

Laurie Penny says the politics of aspiration is dead.

Jon Bernstein previews his interview with Jimmy Wales.

George Eaton looks at how Tube strikes have increased under Boris and explains why Barclays can't take the moral high ground.

Samira Shackle says more action is needed on cuts to disability benefits and highlights George Osborne's broken promises on bank bonuses.

Sholto Byrnes writes on building a multiracial society and in praise of libel laws.

Felicity Spector watches Barack Obama transcend a national tragedy.

Jonathan Derbyshire looks back on the literary life of John Gross.

Ryan Gilbey says the film director Peter Yates should be remembered fondly.

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Nigel Farage's exclusive Brexit plan has just been revealed and it's very telling

The panic is over.

If, a week on from Brexit, you're staring at the bottom of your gin bottle and wondering whether you'll ever afford to go on holiday again, then stop worrying. 

There's a plan.

Social media users have been sharing a link to an exclusive reveal of Nigel Farage's plan for the UK departure from the EU. Users are invited to: "View The Brexit Plan that was but together by the Vote Leave campaign, UKIP and Nigel Farage.

Here it is.

Highlighted policy topics include hot potatoes like UK access to the single market, international trade agreements and the rights of EU nationals working in the UK. You just have to click on the red button.



It seems the plan might be permanently out of reach. 

Every time you try to click on the red button with your mouse, you'll discover that it leaps away to another part of the page. So far, we haven't heard of anyone who has managed to catch the elusive button and discover the details of the brilliant plan. 

Other plans that have not been very easy to click on this week include: Boris Johnson's plan to be Prime Minister, Jeremy Corbyn's plan to lead a unified Labour opposition and David Cameron's plan to win the EU referendum in the first place.

As it turns out, a week after Brexit we are still waiting for a definitive plan. In the meantime, you can read: