Morning Call: pick of the papers

The ten must-read pieces from this morning’s papers.

1. Don't bet on Ed Miliband being the high-flier who crashes to earth (Daily Telegraph)

The Labour leader's deceptively modest start could propel him all the way to Downing Street, writes Mary Riddell.

2. Even the Tories now foresee chaos in Lansley's NHS (Guardian)

David Cameron faces an NHS crisis unless he makes a sharp U-turn and sacks Andrew Lansley, says Polly Toynbee.

3. Tandem government isn't taking us for a ride (Times) (£)

The coalition should focus on the economy and jobs, not Europe and control orders, urges Nick Boles MP.

4. There is an alternative to the VAT rise (Guardian)

Taxes on financial transactions, carbon and land could fill the hole in the public finances, says Philippe Legrain.

5. Why not have a return to renting? (Independent)

If Grant Shapps's aim is to end the obsession with owning property, he should worry less about how people get on the ladder, argues Dominic Lawson.

6. Ed Miliband's VAT attack is hard to stomach (Daily Telegraph)

Any doubts that the Labour leader is a shameless political opportunist have been laid to rest, argues a Telegraph leader.

7. To win back power we must stick to the centre ground (Independent)

Labour needs to have the humility to understand why people vote Conservative, says Tessa Jowell.

8. Moving into Pole position (Financial Times)

Poland is finally taking its place as one of the leading powers in the European Union, says a Financial Times leader.

9. The Tory VAT rise is a start to the new year we could all do without (Daily Mirror)

The VAT increase will harm our prospects of economic growth, writes the shadow chancellor, Alan Johnson.

10. I am a Beatles obsessive. But let's cut the Fabs-worship (Guardian)

The transformation of the Beatles into a national religion detracts from the magic of their music, says John Harris.

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