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Web Only: the best of the blogs

The five must-read blogs from today, on the Lib Dems, Oldham East and the coming NHS crisis.

1. Secret Lib Dem "Operation Detach" is a council of despair

At Labour Uncut, Tom Watson reveals that David Laws is masterminding the Lib Dems' 2015 general election campaign.

2. Lib Dem support NOT at all-time low

UK Polling Report's Anthony Wells takes the Independent to task for falsely claiming that Lib Dem support is at a historic low.

3. A curious campaign in Oldham East

Gary Gibbon reports on the strange Conservative campaign in the constituency.

4. Why 2011 will be the year the NHS will almost collapse

The NHS cannot increase efficiency at the same time as a huge reorganisation, warns Liberal Conspiracy's Richard Blogger.

5. Do Republicans read books?

Political Scrapbook shares a video of Republican committee chairman hopefuls struggling to name their favourite books.


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