Web Only: the best of the blogs

The five must-read blogs from today, on tax avoidance, George Galloway and the battle for equal pay.

1. Mail and Telegraph pull anti-tax-dodging ads

Left Foot Forward's Shamik Das reports that the Mail and the Telegraph have pulled 38 Degrees's anti-tax-dodging ads even though both papers had agreed prices with the group.

2. Right-wing wonks claim the battle for equal pay for women has been won

Over at Liberal Conspiracy, Rowan Davies debunks the claim by the Centre for Policy Studies that the battle for equal opportunities has been won.

3. Could "Gorgeous" George Galloway kick the Lib Dems out of Glasgow?

Political Scrapbook suggests that Galloway could pick up support from disaffected Lib Dems in this year's Scottish Parliament election.

4. Migration and wages: more evidence

Stumbling and Mumbling's Chris Dillow shows that immigration has a positive effect on local wages and asks what this means for the proposed migration cap.

5. No enemies to the left?

Luke Akehurst attacks the Labour Representation Committee for selecting a host of non-Labour, far-left speakers for its conference.

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