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Web Only: the best of the blogs

The five must-read blogs from today, including the best on the Oldham by-election and local Lib Dem

1. David Cameron made a fundamental mistake in fighting this by-election

Peter Oborne argues that the Tories should either have fought a strong by-election campaign or not have run a candidate at all. In the end, they fell beween two stools.

2. Local Lib Dem tactics? Blame Labour

LabourList's Mark Ferguson blogs on a leaked Lib Dem document suggesting that local campaigners should repeat the mantra "it's the Labour Party's fault".

3. The BNP's big decline in Oldham

The BBC's Michael Crick notes that the far-right party's vote share declined in Oldham, historically one of its strongest areas.

4. It's time to end Rose Garden politics

At ConservativeHome, Paul Goodman argues that cooler, clearer dealings between the two parties would help to calm the government.

5. Simon Hughes's progressive claims don't stack up

Over at Left Foot Forward, Will Straw says there is little evidence of the Lib Dems' "progressive influence" when it comes to the economy.

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