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NS writers make their New Year’s resolutions

Find out what Laurie Penny, Roy Hattersley, Kevin Maguire and others are hoping to achieve in the ne

With just a few days left until New Year, we're all rapidly running out of time to make our resolutions. So, if you're strapped for inspiration, you could do worse than follow the lead of our writers.

We asked 12 esteemed NS contributors to tell us their resolutions. The results are below.

See if you can guess who these belong to:

"From this point forth, I will only snog men who own at least two pairs of shoes, and who have not lived for more than one week in a skip in Camberwell."

"To clear out my cupboard, boring, to lose half a stone, boring boring, OK, a whole stone."

"The only resolution I have ever successfully kept was 2007's 'to smoke more', and even that was something of an accident."

Let us know your favourites below and why not tell us your own?

Laurie Penny

Roy Hattersley

Margaret Drabble

Michael Brooks

Kevin Maguire

Alex Preston

John Gray

Peter Wilby

Nicholas Lezard

Hunter Davies

Alice Miles

David Allen Green

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