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Web Only: the best of the blogs

The five must-read blogs from today on tuition fees, Hazel Blears and Topshop.

1. Will Clegg bravely sit on fence over tuition fees?

The FT's Alex Barker says that abstaining from the tuition fees vote would make the Lib Dems look "faintly ridiculous".

2. Don't call her babe: Dan Hodges interviews Hazel Blears

Over at Labour Uncut, Hodges discovers what makes the woman described as the "bionic Blairite" tick.

3. UKuncut target Topshop on tax avoidance day

At Liberal Conspiracy, Sunny Hundal reports that Philip Green's shops will be the target of the "Day of Action" against tax avoidance next month.

4. Tuition fees: getting Lib Dems in line like "herding frogs"

Gary Gibbon quotes a senior Lib Dem as saying that trying to get the party's MPs in line is like "herding frogs into a wheelbarrow".

5. World Cup 2018 bid: David Cameron is taking a big risk in Switzerland

Cameron's support for Britain's World Cup bid risks identifying him with all that is rotten in football, says Benedict Brogan.

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