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The five must-read posts from today, including Ed Miliband's first PMQs and how much benefits really

1. PMQs verdict: Ed Miliband beats David Cameron on points

FT Westminster's Jim Pickard concludes that the new Labour leader did well in his first PMQs, but flags up several potential problems in his delivery.

2. Miliband starts with a bang

Over at the Coffee House, James Forsyth agrees, noting that the Conservatives must not underestimate Miliband.

3. The truth about people on benefits and how much it costs

At Liberal Conspiracy, Sunny Hundal draws attention to some research from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation highlighting how low benefits actually are.

4. Tuition fees: Some Lib Dem MPs face eating enough words to feed an army

Liberal Democrat MPs will have to either break their pledge or vote against their government, says Patrick Wintour -- but Ed Miliband is in a tricky position too.

5. Sexual violence in the Congo: hearing the women's stories

Lindsey Hilsum blogs on the story of mass rapes in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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