Web Only: the best of the blogs

The five must-read blogs from today on Kay Burley, the shadow cabinet and child benefit.

1. When Harry met Kay

Political Scrapbook documents Kay Burley's error-strewn interview with 97-year-old Conservative activist Harry Beckough.

2. How does Ed Miliband fill the shadow chancellor role?

Ahead of tonight's results, FT Westminster's Jim Pickard looks at the options for the key appointment of shadow chancellor.

3. Information is Beautiful: You've Been Quango'ed

Over at the Guardian Data Blog, David McCandless shares a visualisation of how many quangos there are and what they cost.

4. The incumbency factor is alive and well

At Labour Uncut, Philip Cowley looks at why incumbents outperformed newcomers at the last election.

5. Five more government confusions over child benefit

Finally, Next Left's Sunder Katwala list five reasons why the coalition's child benefits plan has become more, not less, confusing.


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Police shoot man in parliament

A man carrying what appeared to be a knife was shot by armed police after entering the parliamentary estate. 

From the window of the parliamentary Press Gallery, I have just seen police shoot a man who charged at officers while carrying what appeared to be a knife. A large crowd was seen fleeing from the man before he entered the parliamentary estate.

After several officers evaded him he was swiftly shot by armed police.

Ministers have been evacuated and journalists ordered to remain at their desks. 

More follows. Read Julia Rampen's news story here.

Armed police at the cordon outside Parliament on Wednesday afternoon. Photo: Getty

George Eaton is political editor of the New Statesman.