The coalition’s approval rating turns negative

Approval rating falls to minus 2, the first time the coalition has scored a negative rating.

It's been a tough week for the coalition, with new warnings of a double-dip recession and yet more evidence that the coming cuts will hit the poorest hardest.

Now, from YouGov, comes news that the government's approval rating has turned negative for the first time. As the graph below shows, net approval (those who think the government is doing a good job minus those who don't) now stands at -2 per cent, with a marked decline in the past week.


Just as worrying for the long-term health of the coalition is that the Lib Dems are still tanking in the polls. The latest daily YouGov/Sun poll puts Nick Clegg's party on just 13 per cent, with the Tories stable on 41 per cent and Labour on an impressive 38 per cent.

If repeated at a general election, these figures would see Clegg's party reduced to a rump of 17 seats. If Lib Dem discontent isn't to turn into outright rebellion the situation will need to improve -- and soon.

George Eaton is political editor of the New Statesman.

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