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In this week’s New Statesman: The cult of the generals

Will Cameron back electoral reform? | Ayaan Hirsi Ali interview | Nassim Taleb: How to avoid the nex

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In this week's New Statesman, following the dramatic replacement of General Stanley McChrystal with David Petraeus, Mehdi Hasan looks at whether the US is once again succumbing to the cult of the generals.

Elsewhere, our political correspondent, James Macintyre, reveals that David Cameron is "considering" reversing his opposition to electoral reform in an effort to keep the coalition together and David Blanchflower warns that there are already signs that George Osborne's emergency Budget has damaged economic confidence.

Meanwhile, David Miliband explains how Labour can win over England again, Kevin Maguire reports on George Osborne's sudden hair loss and Peter Wilby explains why he's glad that Germany defeated England.

Also don't miss Sophie Elmhirst's interview with the provocative atheist Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Tim Parks on how he was enlightened by Buddhism and a fascinating extract from Nassim Nicholas Taleb's new version of The Black Swan.

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