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The five must-read posts from today, on the coalition’s not-so-green cuts, and the Daily Mail Tube m

1. Diane Abbott labels Labour leadership rivals as "geeks in suits"

Andrew Sparrow summarises the Hackney MP's scathing comments about her fellow Labour leadership candidates, made in a BBC interview.

2. Coalition calls for greater ambition on climate -- then cuts clean energy budgets

Left Foot Forward's Joss Garman reports on how the self-proclaimed "greenest government ever" is shaping up.

3. Good targets, bad targets

Over at Next Left, Sunder Katwala highlights some of the targets that the coalition won't be scrapping.

4. Daily Mail's secret editorial formula revealed

The Poke displays the Daily Mail's formula in the innovative form of a Tube map.

5. Hansard tells it like it is

Points of order might not be a natural ground for comedy -- but Political Scrapbook has tracked down one to disprove that.

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