Web Only: the best of the blogs

The five must-read blogs from today, on the Tory right, Ed Miliband and Charles Kennedy.

1. Cameron says lurch to the right won't win Tory majority

Paul Waugh on how the Prime Minister told a group of defeated parliamentary candidates that the new politics is here to stay.

2. Charles Kennedy's division lobby absenteeism

Political Scrapbook gives details of the parliamentary votes from which Charles Kennedy has been abstaining.

3. Evidence that second preferences benefit Ed Miliband

At Left Foot Forward, Robert Robinson blogs on a new survey by the Socialist Health Association suggesting that second-preference votes will allow Ed Miliband to win the Labour leadership.

4. Official: 4,500 new Lib Dem members have joined party since election and coalition agreement

Liberal Democrat Voice's Stephen Tall reports that party membership is up 14 per cent this year.

5. Ed Balls to appear on "How to Look Good Naked"

Finally, over at LabourList, Mark Ferguson reports that Balls is to appear on the hit TV show How to Look Good Naked. Yvette must be so pleased . . .

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The section on climate change has already disappeared from the White House website

As soon as Trump was president, the page on climate change started showing an error message.

Melting sea ice, sad photographs of polar bears, scientists' warnings on the Guardian homepage. . . these days, it's hard to avoid the question of climate change. This mole's anxiety levels are rising faster than the sea (and that, unfortunately, is saying something).

But there is one place you can go for a bit of respite: the White House website.

Now that Donald Trump is president of the United States, we can all scroll through the online home of the highest office in the land without any niggling worries about that troublesome old man-made existential threat. That's because the minute that Trump finished his inauguration speech, the White House website's page about climate change went offline.

Here's what the page looked like on January 1st:

And here's what it looks like now that Donald Trump is president:

The perfect summary of Trump's attitude to global warming.

Now, the only references to climate on the website is Trump's promise to repeal "burdensome regulations on our energy industry", such as, er. . . the Climate Action Plan.

This mole tries to avoid dramatics, but really: are we all doomed?

I'm a mole, innit.