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Web Only: the best of the blogs

The five must-read blogs from today, on cuts, the English Defence League and Turkey.

1. Britain second only to Ireland in size of cuts required

The FT's Alex Barker publishes data from Fitch showing that only Ireland needs to make larger spending cuts than Britain.

2. Johnny Adair to help Paul Ray and Nick Greger take over English Defence League?

Richard Bartholomew blogs on rumours that the EDL could be seeking ties with Northern Irish loyalists.

3. Turkey's Gaza strategy is designed to boost its influence

Channel 4's Lindsey Hilsum says that the Turkish PM's outrage over Gaza isn't an uncontrolled outburst of emotion, but part of a strategy to reposition Turkey as an important power in the Middle East.

4. Balls's EU immigration claims don't stand up

At Left Foot Forward, Sarah Mulley challenges Ed Balls's claim that immigration has depressed domestic wages.

5. The undecided

Labour Uncut provides a helpful list of the 42 MPs yet to declare for or nominate a leadership candidate.

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