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CommentPlus: pick of the papers

The ten must-read pieces from this morning’s papers.

1. The teamwork is admirable. But it will kill the Lib Dems (Guardian)

If the coalition sustains its honeymoon, says Jackie Ashley, the Tories will reap the rewards; if it fails, Labour will. Clegg needs to push voting reform fast.

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2. There's no case for cutting the number of MPs (Times)

The shadow justice secretary, Jack Straw, argues that "equalising" the size of seats is a crudely partisan Tory measure -- the Lib Dems will regret backing it.

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3. Hayward is jeopardising more than his job (Independent)

The leading article suggests that David Cameron's meeting with Barack Obama later this month could be overshadowed by tension caused by the BP oil spill.

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4. If mud sticks, unfairly, so can oil (Financial Times)

Clive Crook discusses the tide of harsh media criticism of Obama. Much of it is unfair. Some of it is ridiculous. But that does not mean it will not stick.

5. Saving industry needn't pit sentiment against machismo (Guardian)

Theorists like Vince Cable say bailing out British firms is pointless, says Julian Glover, an obvious departure from his predessor Lord Mandelson. Non-intervention is not a doctrine consistently applied.

6. Listen, Govey, not all sink schools are failing (Times)

Libby Purves warns that our new Education Secretary's eagerness to fire "underperforming" head teachers could result in an own goal. The measure of failure should be more sophisticated.

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8. Frankfurt's shroud of secrecy should be shed (Financial Times)

The EU and ECB need to have greater transparency, argues Wolfgang Münchau. The central bank should at the very least be forced to publish the votes of its meetings without having to identify the members.

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8. Hardliners are now the face of Israel (Independent)

By attacking criticism as part of an anti-Israel, anti-Semitic propaganda war, the Israeli government yet again fails to understand that the problem is policy, not PR, says Queen Rania of Jordan.

9. Libel laws: In the public's interest (Guardian)

The government must throw its weight behind Lord Lester's efforts to improve our flawed libel laws, says the leading article.

10. The burden of pain (Times)

The central task for the Lib-Con coalition is how to cut with a fair distribution of pain, says the leading article. It will be very hard to do so, but the rewards for success could be great.

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