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Web Only: the best of the blogs

The five must-read blogs from today, including Diane Abbott, and Gordon Brown’s disappearance.

1. How Diane did it

Paul Waugh tells the story of how Diane Abbott made it on to the Labour leadership ballot. Will David Miliband live to regret his decision to support her?

2. Has time run out for Labour socialists?

At Though Cowards Flinch, Dave Semple laments the failure of John McDonnell's leadership campaign and asks if Labour's socialist wing is dead.

3. Gordon Brown Missing: Have You Seen This Man?

Iain Martin investigates the disappearance of a 59-year-old Scottish MP.

4. The global transmission of European austerity

Paul Krugman considers how the fiscal austerity mania sweeping Europe might affect the rest of the world, including the US.

5. The only politics article you'll ever have to read

Over at Slate, Christopher Beam imagines what the news would look like if it were written by political scientists.

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