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Web Only: the best of the blogs

The five must-read posts from today, on Rupert Murdoch, Bloody Sunday and the OBR.

1. Murdoch's London-based global news hub

Robert Peston explores how Rupert Murdoch's attempt to take full control of BSkyB could divide the coalition.

2. Why Blair agreed to hold the Bloody Sunday inquiry

Gary Gibbon looks back at why the government conceded to the Bloody Sunday inquiry.

3. Cheat sheet for Labour and Coalition deficit reduction plans

No idea how large the coming cuts will be? FT Westminster has all the (scary) numbers you need.

4. Uproar at the PLP: select committee member elections

Labour Uncut reports on divisions inside the Parliamentary Labour Party over the newly democratic select committee elections.

5. OBR Kenobi

Hopi Sen says Labour has nothing to fear from an independent, fair-minded OBR.

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