Web Only: the best of the blogs

The five must-read blogs from today, on spending cuts, the Milibands and Labour tribalism.

1. Spending cuts: what will the Lib Dems tell their constituents?

As the coalition's spending cuts hit a range of local projects, Gary Gibbon wonders how Lib Dem MPs will appease their constituents.

2. Treasury control freakery gone mad

Paul Waugh reports that the Treasury asked broadcasters to sign a written legal agreement that they would not ask any questions when the OBR made its announcement early this week.

3. Is "looking weird" their biggest challenge?

Political Betting's Mike Smithson asks whether David Cameron was right to jump on the bandwagon and comment on the appearance of the Miliband brothers.

4. Tony Hayward learns how to talk American

The Telegraph's Janet Daley outlines how the BP head Tony Hayward changed his language in an effort to win over the American public.

5. In defence of "tribalism"

Luke Akehurst responds to Neal Lawson's piece in last week's New Statesman, arguing that there is nothing wrong with putting the Labour Party first and being loyal to it.

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Police shoot man in parliament

A man carrying what appeared to be a knife was shot by armed police after entering the parliamentary estate. 

From the window of the parliamentary Press Gallery, I have just seen police shoot a man who charged at officers while carrying what appeared to be a knife. A large crowd was seen fleeing from the man before he entered the parliamentary estate.

After several officers evaded him he was swiftly shot by armed police.

Ministers have been evacuated and journalists ordered to remain at their desks. 

More follows. Read Julia Rampen's news story here.

Armed police at the cordon outside Parliament on Wednesday afternoon. Photo: Getty

George Eaton is political editor of the New Statesman.