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Gordon Brown v the Heckler

Four days after Bigotgate, another encounter with an “ordinary” voter.

Was it only a week ago that Labour high command switched strategy and said they wanted Gordon Brown to get out and meet the people? Four days on from his encounter in Rochdale with Gillian Duffy, the PM was on seemingly safer territory talking to Labour supporters at an event in the north-east.

But when he was heckled, the scene soon resembled the Walter Wolfgang moment at the 2005 party conference.

The shots captured below show the moment when Julian Borthwick is removed by Labour Party supporters after shouting questions at Brown during a visit to the National Glass Centre in Sunderland. Apparently, Borthwick's beef was broadband access in the north-east. Surely not?

Meanwhile, here's David Cameron earlier this week, tackling a heckler of his own.

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