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In this week’s New Statesman: Brown’s last stand

Gordon Brown interview | Ed Balls: I’m no tribalist | John Pilger: Parties of war.

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With just one full day of campaigning left, this week's New Statesman provides you with all the insight and analysis you need before you vote.

In our cover story, Jason Cowley speaks to Gordon Brown and Peter Mandelson as the pair reflect on 13 years in government and prepare for the final leg of the campaign. Brown insists he will fight on to the end but acknowledges that, should he lose, his decisive response to the financial crisis will be his legacy.

Elsewhere, our leader endorses a Labour-Lib Dem coalition and urges readers to vote tactically on Thursday. Also don't miss Mehdi Hasan's interview with Ed Balls, which has led the news agenda today after the Schools Secretary hinted that Labour supporters should back the Lib Dems in seats where they can beat the Tories.

Away from Labour, our political correspondent, James Macintyre, looks at the party revolt David Cameron will face if he fails to become prime minister on Friday. And John Pilger argues that all three party leaders remain committed to the war agenda followed by Tony Blair.

All this, plus Charles Kennedy on why the Liberal Democrats are the future now, Peter Wilby on the media's reaction to "Bigotgate" and Kevin Maguire's diary from Westminster.

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