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Web Only: the best of the blogs

The five must-read blogs from today, on David Davis, David Miliband and the Tory inquest to come.

1. Lib-Con coalition would be an "electoral gift" to Labour

At Left Foot Forward, Tim Horton predicts that a Conservative-Liberal Democrat alliance would hand scores of seats to Labour at the next election. Fifteen Lib Dem seats would fall to Labour if just one in five of the party's voters switched to the red team.

2. The return of David Davis

Over at Coffee House, James Forsyth reveals that Davis is set to be invited to join a Conservative government.

3. Why David Miliband might want "Brother Ed" to stand for leader

The FT's Jim Pickard suggests that David Miliband might want his brother to run for the leadership so as to split the left-wing vote.

4. The Tory inquest to come

Once the deal-making is over, we can expect to see the mother of all Tory inquests into an expensive campaign that delivered little, says Iain Martin.

5. How not to woo the Liberal Democrats, lesson no 94

At Liberal Democrat Voice, Mark Pack explains why one cabinet minister still has no idea how to win over the Lib Dems.

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