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The BBC party: everything is wrong

Election 2010: Guffwatch!

Right, let's have a word more on this BBC party. Everything is wrong with it. Joan Collins, for a start. Toby Young, for a second start. And that's not even mentioning Andrew Neil or the bewildering impressions of Alistair McGowan, which left everyone tittering with nervous bonhomie.

But more than anything I feel like I've gone back in time. It's like when David Dimbleby talks about "the Twitter" with a look on his face that just says: "Oh God, we've got a whole stinking night of this."

But back to the real world. Peter Hennessy is winning it for me so far. I like the way he swings back in time and leaves everyone flailing, trying to patter out historical facts. Don't mess with the Hennessy! That's what I'm taking away from this jamboree so far.

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