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Election 2010: Five you may have missed

The most read posts from the weekend.

While you were out this weekend, your fellow readers were enjoying these:

1. Let's play David Cameron's "Last week I met..."
It's the DC anecdote generator.

2. Lib Dems in first place in new poll
New poll puts Lib Dems up 12 points to 32 per cent, ahead of the Tories.

3. Immigration: Cameron, Brown and Clegg all talk the language of limits
If St George were alive today, this non-EU citizen wouldn't score very highly on any points system.

4. Douglas Alexander: the man who "gets" the Tories
Election coordinator has led the way in exposing an "unchanged" opposition.

5. The Clegg effect in the Twittersphere
Lib Dem leader talk of Twitter. His party? Not so much.


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