Leaders’ TV debates: live web chat

Join us on Thursday for a live web chat on the first ever televised leaders’ debate.

We're teaming up with our friends at Left Foot Forward, LabourList and Liberal Conspiracy to offer a live web chat on the first ever televised leaders' debates.

We'll be kicking things off this Thursday with the ITV debate from 8.30pm-10pm. Enter your email address below to receive a reminder.

From the team, we'll have Jon Bernstein, Mehdi Hasan, James Macintyre and myself offering live views and reaction.

So, will Nick Clegg be the night's winner? Will Cameron keep his cool? Or will "the clunking fist" deliver a knockout punch? Join us on Thursday to find out.

George Eaton is political editor of the New Statesman.

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The NS Podcast #176: Younge, guns and identity politics

The New Statesman podcast.

Helen and Stephen are joined by author and editor-at-large for the Guardian, Gary Younge, to discuss the findings of his new book: Another Day in the Death of America.

Seven kids die every day from gun violence in the US yet very few make the national news. Is there any way to stop Americans becoming inured to the bloodshed? The enraging, incredibly sad and sometimes peculiarly funny stories of ten kids on one unremarkable Saturday attempt to change that trend.

(Helen Lewis, Stephen Bush, Gary Younge).

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