TV leaders' debates: live web chat

Join us for a live web chat on the second TV leaders' debate.

We're teaming up again with our friends at Left Foot Forward, LabourList and Liberal Conspiracy this Thursday for a live web chat on the second televised leaders' debate.

The debate, this time on foreign affairs, will be shown live on Sky News from 8pm. We'll begin the chat at 7:30pm and from the team we'll have Jon Bernstein, James Macintyre and myself offering live views and reaction.

With Nick Clegg keen to prove he's not a one-hit wonder and David Cameron in desperate need of a victory to turn the Tories' campaign around, the debate promises to be just as entertaining as last week's.

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George Eaton is political editor of the New Statesman.

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Quiz: Can you identify fake news?

The furore around "fake" news shows no sign of abating. Can you spot what's real and what's not?

Hillary Clinton has spoken out today to warn about the fake news epidemic sweeping the world. Clinton went as far as to say that "lives are at risk" from fake news, the day after Pope Francis compared reading fake news to eating poop. (Side note: with real news like that, who needs the fake stuff?)

The sweeping distrust in fake news has caused some confusion, however, as many are unsure about how to actually tell the reals and the fakes apart. Short from seeing whether the logo will scratch off and asking the man from the market where he got it from, how can you really identify fake news? Take our test to see whether you have all the answers.



In all seriousness, many claim that identifying fake news is a simple matter of checking the source and disbelieving anything "too good to be true". Unfortunately, however, fake news outlets post real stories too, and real news outlets often slip up and publish the fakes. Use fact-checking websites like Snopes to really get to the bottom of a story, and always do a quick Google before you share anything. 

Amelia Tait is a technology and digital culture writer at the New Statesman.