The Chartist: Eruption disruption

That unpronounceable volcano, by numbers

Clouds of ash, transport chaos and an outraged Jeremy Clarkson: just some of the fallout caused by the erupting Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull over the past week or so. On the plus side, there have been some really nice photos.

The Chartist - this week by US-based designer Gavin Potenza - puts a few of the numbers in perspective. Amidst all the trouble, it looks as if Greenpeace have something to smile about. JC must be thrilled.


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The Deep Dive podcast: Mandates and Manifestos

The New Statesman's Deep Dive podcast.

Ian Leslie and Stewart Wood return for another episode of the Deep Dive. This time they're plunging into the murky world of election promises with Catherine Haddon, resident historian at the Institute of Government. Together they explore what an electoral mandate means, what a manifesto is for, and why we can't sue the government when they fail to keep their promises.

Plus: Rant or Rave? Find out which podcasts have had our hosts on tenterhooks.

Listen to this episode of The Deep Dive now:


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