Tory leader heckled in Romsey

Not a good day for Con-Lib Dem relations.

In a rare unscripted moment during this year's election campaign, David Cameron was heckled this morning over his school and tax policies. The incident, captured by Channel 4 News, shows the Conservative Party leader fending off a verbal assault from a Lib Dem supporter as he was out canvassing for Romsey and Southampton North PPC Caroline Nokes.

It's a bizarre exchange - at one stage Cameron accuses the woman of having an "unattractive salute", while the heckler herself is convinced Tory party activists have stolen her bag. Meanwhile, one of those activists (not the bag snatcher, you understand) tries and fails to shut the woman up by placing a "Cameron 2010" placard in her face.

Democracy in action, folks.



Jon Bernstein, former deputy editor of New Statesman, is a digital strategist and editor. He tweets @Jon_Bernstein. 

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The NS Podcast #169: Traingate, gaffes and Ghostbusters

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This week, Helen and Stephen tackle Traingate and Lunaticgate. George Eaton comes down-the-line from the valleys with the latest on the Owen Smith campaign. Anna Leszkiewicz joins to discuss feminism in the new Ghostbusters film. And you-ask-us: what is the role of the John McDonell in the Corbyn ménage? (Helen Lewis, Stephen Bush, George Eaton, Anna Leszkiewicz) 


Traingate (01.24)
Stephen on Jennifer's Ear

Lunaticgate (05.20)
David Wearing on Smith's slurs and empty promises.

Owen Smith (11.36)
George's interview for this week's magazine

Ghosbusters (18.44)
Ryan Gilbey reviews the film
Listen to the SRSLY take 
Anna on the dark side of the Romcom

John McDonnell (31.17)
Read him in his own words
And watch him in action

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