So who won last night? Don't ask the Times

The Times they are a-changin' (their minds).

Reading most newspaper headlines this morning you get the impression they had been written long before last night's televised leaders' debate had even started. So we had, predictably enough:

  • 'Cam's The Man' The Sun
  • 'One Foot in the Dave' Daily Mirror
  • 'Cameron Fights Back' Daily Telegraph

No such decisiveness over at the Times. Here are the two front pages that emerged overnight, based confusingly on the same Populus poll commissioned by the paper. The first reading of the poll puts Nick Clegg and David Cameron both on 36 per cent.


A bit of number crunching later, and it would seem Cameron is a point ahead. And hence:


UPDATE: The Times communications people have been in touch. They write:

"The first edition of The Times went to press at 10.30pm on the basis of 900 respondents to our Populus poll, which was critical mass although the full count had not finished. The first results were Cameron 36; Clegg 36; Brown 27. The second edition went to press at 11.45pm with the full results in - a one percentage point lead to Cameron on the final count of 1067 respondents. The fact that we had clearly not written our headlines in advance of the debate shows that we rightly respond to evidence, not that we lack decisiveness. This is exactly the value of having two editions to report on stories that are developing late at night."


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Jon Bernstein, former deputy editor of New Statesman, is a digital strategist and editor. He tweets @Jon_Bernstein. 

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How Jeremy Corbyn and an Arsenal player roasted Piers Morgan… in Spanish

Muy burn.

As if politics in the UK wasn’t spicy enough, watch what happens when you do it in Spanish.

It all started when backward ham Piers Morgan complained in a piece for the Mail that Jeremy Corbyn and his wife froze him out of a conversation with the Arsenal player Héctor Bellerín at the GQ Awards:

“Later, fellow Arsenal fan Jeremy Corbyn came over to speak to him. When I tried to interrupt, the Labour leader – whose wife is Mexican – promptly switched to fluent Spanish to shut me out of the conversation.

‘What did you tell him?’ I asked.

Corbyn smirked. ‘I told him to please send Arsène Wenger my very best and assure him he continues to have my full support, even if he’s lost yours, Piers. In fact, particularly because he’s lost yours…’

A keen-eyed tweeter picked up the passage about speaking Spanish, and the anecdote went viral:

So viral, in fact, that Bellerín himself commented on the story in a tweet saying, “Come on mate, don’t take it personally” to Morgan – punctuated masterfully with a crying laughing emoji.

Then the Labour leader himself joined in the great burning ceremony, replying to the thread in full Spanish:

His response translates as:

“It was nice to meet you. It’s better that we don’t tell him what we were talking about, he wouldn’t understand. Well-played in the game on Sunday.”

And muy buen juego to you too, El Jez.

I'm a mole, innit.