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Web Only: the best of the blogs

The five must-read blogs from today on push-polling, Miliband and Iraq.

1. Clegg vs Cameron on foreign affairs: advantage with Clegg

David Cameron is unlikely to get the better of Nick Clegg in the foreign affairs debate, says the FT's Alex Barker. Clegg's positions on Iran and Afghanistan will mark him out as the candidate of change.

2. Are YouGov and Murdoch 'push-polling' for the Tories?

At Liberal Democrat Voice, Stephen Tall looks at new evidence that the Sun has paid YouGov to carry out push-polling against the Lib Dems.

3. Miliband gives Brown an Iraq-sized headache

David Miliband's admission that government wouldn't have invaded Iraq if it knew then what it knows now, has given Nick Clegg a chance to hammer Brown in Thursday's debate, says Paul Waugh.

4. David Cameron scraps his PEB for an expenses moment

The Telegraph's Ben Brogan reports that the Conservative election broadcast planned for tonight has been scrapped in favour of a direct address by David Cameron.

5. Boris on the Liberal Democrat 'puffball'

Gary Gibbon reports on his encounter with Boris Johnson, who predicts that the Lib Dems' poll surge will be short-lived.


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