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Which Tories are under threat from the Lib Dems?

Oliver Letwin and Jeremy Hunt are vulnerable and Zac Goldsmith could miss out.

With the Lib Dems enjoying a sustained surge in the polls, who are the senior Tories now under at threat the election?

Top of the list is the Tories' policy wizard Oliver Letwin (the subject of an adulatory leader in today's Times) who is defending a majoirty of 2,461 in West Dorset.

Elsewhere, the shadow culture secretary, Jeremy Hunt (seen as a future Tory leader by some), defending a notional majority of 5,981 in Surrey South-West, could also fall victim to the yellow tide.

And who are the Tory hopefuls who could miss out on a seat in Parliament? In Richmond, Zac Goldsmith is now unlikely to overturn a notional Lib Dem majority of 3,649 and another PPC with a familiar surname, Annunziata Rees-Mogg, will struggle to win in Somerton and Frome, where the Tories are defending a notional majority of just 39.

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